Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What makes brewing tea in a pot special?

Today, I prepared some Hongshui Oolong from Nantou, Taiwan. The tight Oolong balls smell faintly of caramel with a slight roast similar to that of warm chestnuts. I was curious to find out how this tea will perform when brewed in a pot.

For this roasted tea, I used my Zisha pot with pleasantly surprising results. I did not come across anything like this when brewing with a porcelain gaiwan. The infusion was an alluring and deep golden colour with high transparency.  Strong notes of lychee fruit and sugarcane permeated my tea corner as I poured emptied the contents into cups. The antique copper-based saucers that I chose for this session reminds us of fallen leaves and lend themselves to an outdoor feel.  I am not preparing tea outside as it is an overly warm 32 degree Celsius daytime temperature!

Being a rather young tea, the level of astringency is obvious and may not be as comforting a drink for weak stomachs. I will have to store this aside in a pewter jar to see how this tea develops in a few weeks' time from now.

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