Saturday, January 7, 2012

What does the mastery of tea entail?

It is always easy to pick up something new. What is truly hard is the mastery of tea. The art of tea is not just about beautiful pots and cups. It is about being in absolute control over the pressure of your pour, the movement of your hands, the touch of the cup on your lips. It’s about the mastery of the finest details, it’s about your consistency. Feeling frustrated with your abilities after a while is normal but persevere more, because through your practice, your whole being grows so accustomed to these movements that you become the movements. You no longer douse water over leaves; You breathe life into tea  instead. It may take months for some and even years for others before they find themselves moving to the next level; most importantly, without the dedication of time, the next level will never come.

A dated photo of me when I was an absolute tea novice. This reminds me of how far I have come.

Blogeintrag auf Deutsch: Was heißt es, ein Tee-Meister zu sein?


  1. 'You no longer douse water over leaves; You breathe life into tea instead.'

    You nailed it, nicely put

    1. Thank you. I adapted this article from a different source about calligraphy, which is one of my other hobbies, both of which require dedication and patience.