Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Hongni (red clay) yixing teapot 1970s, 380 USD
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Floral and fauna pewter saucers, set of five
Sakura-shaped Kyoware, set of three, 21 USD
- A pair of sun and moon Yixing saucers 
- Sakura-shaped saucers, Kyoware
- Floral and fauna pewter saucers, set of five

Multi-purpose giant tea cloth in wave design (Measures ~ 120 by 200 cm)
Tea display plates
- Sea green porcelain tea plate  
- Ivory white tea display plate in leaf design
Pewter tea display plate, made in the 1970s-80s, 19 USD each
Water/ tea bowls and tea boats
- Handmade craquelure blush chawan with a two-toned peach and beige coloured glaze 
- Waste water/ cup rinsing bowl from Lin's ceramic studio 
- Japanese dark green teaboat with painted scene
- Double fish celadon tea boat
Tropical colours absorbent tea cloth, 19 USD each
Chaxi accessories  
- Kimono silk tea cloth in silver grey or gold weaving (Measures ~ 65 by 9.7 cm)
- Hand-painted tropical colours absorbent tea cloth (Measures ~ 34 by 103 cm) 
Waste water bowl
A touch of Antiquity 
- Watch this space!

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