Saturday, August 9, 2014

The 'NO label tea' movement - an objective approach to tea tasting

As a tea-practitioner who reads beyond labels, I am initiating the 'NO label tea' movement to promote a relatively more objective and rational approach to tea appreciation and degustation.

To start the ball rolling, simply purchase a 10 g mini sampler pack of my 'NO label tea' at 9 USD each (inclusive of shipping), write to me: about your thoughts and tasting notes of the mystery tea sample mailed to you, and stand a chance to win for yourself any 20 g or 30 g tea packs from my bou-TEA-que selection of your choice!

#nolabeltea #teamovement

 To improve your chances of winning and most importantly to encourage objective tea-tasting methods, ten best entries will be selected :) Can't wait!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Qilaishan Spring 2013 Oolong

Ever-lasting freshness of spring
A spoonful of high-mountain goodness
Cool chaxi hues on a summer day..
1. Colour changes at the rim 2.Water dries up 3. Tea is ready!
The last drop.
Relishing the dewy scents of Mount Qilai..
..followed by a subtle yet complex aftertaste.
Clarity and luminosity - traits of a high quality brew
Fresh, lively and soothing oolong tea notes
A harmonious brew satisfies any thirsty soul
Only the right teas can inspire the right photos - thanks for reading :)