Thursday, August 1, 2013

Personal rituals

I quote: " Every day, usually in the mid-afternoon, I have a little tea ceremony at my desk. I get my four-cup tea press, put on a kettle to boil, and meticulously add the leaves and put the press, my tea cup, a little sweetener (usually honey) and a spoon on a bamboo tray that fits nicely on my desk while I work. When the water boils, I take its temperature, pour the water over the leaves, set a timer on my phone, stir, and bring the whole tray to my desk. I relax while it steeps - usually just watching the steam rising off of it. When the timer goes off, I press the tea, pour my first cup, and go back to work. It's elaborate, but it's one of my little rituals that helps me disengage for a bit—something meditative that helps me get through the afternoon."

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Obviously, with me, the steps in personal rituals do differ, but I hope my readers get the gist of my message. Happy reading ;-)

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