Saturday, August 17, 2013

Comfort food and tea pairings

This week, I had a reasonably good time over dinner sessions at an Indonesian restaurant run by a very welcoming Javanese couple. Deserts were quite a treat for me, starting with a homemade (not everything branded home, or handmade is necessarily a testament to quality) delicious durian ice cream paired with a Russian Earl Grey tea (very rounded and mellow as opposed to Earl Grey) and a beautifully decorated piece of kueh lapis to take with me. I savoured it, of course, with three generous helpings of Earl Grey tea of varying intensities and finally coffee, but found the lightly brewed version to be the best fit with this coconut based sweet pastry.

And as it happens, Indonesians celebrate their well-earned 68th independence anniversary today.
So one good reason to share my culinary experiences on this joyous occasion.

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