Saturday, March 16, 2013

A piece of the Mediterranean Sea

The colours I picked are mostly muted to emphasise the luscious blue glaze on my water bowl and the sunlight that graced my chaxi today.

Tea session on a gorgeous day like this transported me to the port city of Jaffa, a traditionally Arab seaside town commanding a view of the coastline. This is also where I made my purchase of this glazed ceramic bowl that adds a vivid punch of blue to the overall setting. It feels a bit like having a tea picnic by the sea on a pristine white beach.

Brewing in my teacup is a solid infusion of Ali Shan oolong. The tea feels refreshingly strong yet mild on my stomahc walls. My eyes wander from the porcelain cups to the black bamboo saucers and the sand coloured tea cloth then back to the asymmetrical lines of the handmade water bowl. Every aspect of the chaxi feels very much in harmony for me as precious sunshine time ticks away on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

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