Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Giving my Japanese obi a 2nd lease of life

Give a Japanese woman an obi and within minutes you will have it flawlessly wrapped around your kimono leaving the audience in full admiration. Spend hours alone with my kimono and obi and they look nowhere close to halfway decent. Thanks to some insightful sharing on a few tea blogs that I have come across, it seems only fair to do justice to this ornate piece of fabric by incorporating it into my tea ceremonies in spite of my original intention.

The overall combination worked out pretty well. Cups and saucers were in harmony with the phoenix and feather motifs on the obi. Making it a point to decorate your tea space can really make all that difference towards improving one's mood and the resulting appreciation of one's tea. So, it gives me pleasure to share this small little tip for your next tea brewing session.

For Christmas this year, I also received a piece of Chinese calligraphy writing with season's greetings from my teacher. A nice touch to the overall mood of my tea setting.

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