Thursday, March 29, 2012

Raw Pu'er resurrected

The freezing winter months meant that tea storage conditions turned overly dry for my 2007 raw Pu'er cake from Lin Cang, Yunnan, China. The result? An oddly dark infusion with a heavy tobacco-like taste followed by a parched aftertaste, enough to send the most sensitive of throats into a coughing fit.

As this was a hard to come by piece of Pu'er cake that turned bad as a result of my oversight, I tried resting some of the flaked tea leaves in my trusty old seed jar in an attempt to do some damage control. I also noticed that the cake has turned so hard that regular flaking with my bare hands just wouldn't do.

The optimist in me was curious to find out for myself if any bit of accelerated tea refinement took place over night. This morning I prepared some rested tea leaves and the results spoke for themselves. I am happy to have my raw Pu'er back!

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