Thursday, May 10, 2012

天 Heaven , 人 man and 地 earth gaiwan

A gaiwan is a tea cup used for the infusion and consumption of tea. Invented during the Ming Dynasty, a gaiwan consists of a lid, a bowl and a saucer symbolising heaven, man and earth. The lid concentrates all heavenly smells of good tea at every steeping. 

This ivory white beauty comes adorned with nine beautifully fragile butterflies.

Exquisitely hand-painted and made from bone china, this gaiwan weighs 213 g and has a filling capacity of 166 ml that is perfect for ball sized oolong leaves to unfurl.

Three sets have been added to my teaware collection.

Blogeintrag auf Deutsch:  Gaiwan - 天 Himmel, 人 Mensch und 地 Erde

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