Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cherry blossom Zisha pot (Sold)

The teapot may be the most sought after teaware, but good and functional designs with the right price tag do not come our way so often. I am not a habitual teapot collector. On the few occasions when I set my eyes on the tea pot, it is mainly out of consideration for its form and functionality, or when I am definitely blown away by its artistic value, in combination with an affordable price tag of course!

What makes the best body shape for tea pots? I would say round, spherical or any extensions of it such as the gourd or pear shapes allow for most effective convection during brew times.

The overall material thickness of the body is another aspect to examine when it comes to choosing a pot.  Ideally, we would like to have a thicker layer of clay built towards the bottom that tapers more thinly at the top. A thick bottom retains the heat while a relatively higher heat loss takes place at the top resulting in sustainable heat circulation throughout the whole pot, ensuring that every leaf can infuse most optimally. Understandably, this may not be the case with every teapot and when you are forced to settle for second best, an even distribution of thickness is acceptable.

This purple beauty weighs 170 g and has a filling capacity of 176 ml. The clay type is zisha from around 2005. The spout is well shaped and the pour is smooth, uniform and very easy to control.

Only the spout and one side (side facing a right-handed tea master) of the pot are adorned with flower blossoms lending itself to a sort of asymmetrical art form that is teasing and attractive. 

I find this pot to be very suitable for teas like Hong Shui oolong, medium roast Tie Guan Yin and Wu Yi teas. Some fellow tea drinkers have recommended this pot for cooked pu'ers. It is most desirable to use a pot for only one type of tea, but necessary to try out a new purchase with  a few types of tea beforehand.

Available now in my shop.


  1. how much is it in USD. & do you ship to thailand?

  2. Hi Osnail, could you email me at so I can send you my price list.