Thursday, April 18, 2013

Always room for improvment

Left with the last few grams of Jinxuan oolong tea from last spring, I brewed this tea yesterday but thought that the tea tasted hollow and flat  from what I last remembered of it. Perhaps the fluctuating humidity levels or negligence in storage did no favours to help keep it in tip top condition, but I decided to give this tea a second try today, paying more attention to the way I brewed it and letting it rest in my antique seed jar as water came to a gradual boil on the stove.

This is the resulting infusion from today's brewing which I thought to be less dull in appearance. The difference in colour intensity also translates into a more flavoursome cup of tea and naturally a greater sense of satisfaction and enjoyment. It would have been most upsetting had I deemed this tea to be spoilt and thrashed. Wastage doesn't run in my blood ;-), but I certainly have no hesitation in chucking out tea samples by the kilograms when they ruin my system (look out for mouthfeel, aftertaste and overall sensation in your body and extremities. Most importantly, be honest with yourself regardless of how much you have paid for the tea, or its associated branding)

So the next time you think your tea doesn't taste quite right, don't be quick in passing "the death sentence". Rather, examine your tea once again, give it a good sniff and some well-deserved attention when brewing. Mindlessly dousing tea leaves with hot water in between infusions is commonplace. If you expect teas brewed in this manner to be at their best, think again.


  1. Thank you for the reminder which reached me just in time! I am just now drinking some sheng puer (Dayi 7542 from 2007) and found the tea unfortunately lacking when it came to the 5th infusion. Your blog reminded me to adapt my brewing to keep it in line with the changes a tea goes through after a few infusions. Adjusting the speed of pouring water on the leaves did the trick.
    Always a pleasure to read your inspiring blog!

  2. Thank you gero. It is always a pleasure to pass on tea information that works for me :)