Monday, April 30, 2012

Food and tea pairing - A win-win? (Part 1 of 2)

Undeniably food and tea pairing is a very broad topic. I have always wanted to draw more conclusions than my limited experience would allow for. Consequently, I normally enjoy a cup of tea on its own. However,  there are some combinations that I have a soft spot for.

Here is one of few occasions I have some success in pairing food with tea. What I find complementary is to munch on some Arab or Iranian dates alongside a cup of strong red tea. The sweetness in the dates becomes more balanced and one can smell more of the natural aromas released from these dates when consumed with red teas or similar.

An obvious yet crucial point is to create a win-win situation when playing the matchmaking game between food and tea. Most foods come with additives like MSG, yeast extract, etc. In his book on Chinese teas, Teaparker advises his readers to be more selective in their food choices for the purpose of pairing with teas.

Blogeintrag auf Deutsch: Kombinieren von Speisen und Tee – Win-win?

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