Monday, April 23, 2012

Built to last

I couldn't resist helping myself to another pot of Wu Yi Shui Xian yesterday. This time, I doubled the amount and crushed the tea leaves slightly to intensify the aromas and flavours released from this tea. This little trick I picked up by watching one of my seniors gently squeezing the leaves in her palm during tea class. The brew was definitely much stronger and absolutely flavoursome with a dark caramelised appearance. Smelling good!

I would usually dedicate at least 2 hours sipping this tea but had to cut short the session and resumed today. I left the tea leaves to soak overnight, something one could attempt with high quality leaves. To warm the tea a bit, I diluted the overnight contents with half portion hot water. This explains the lighter colour you see in the picture that follows. Not very conventional techniques described here, but certainly worth trying.

The open leaves very much look like baozhong tea leaves except with a higher level of oxidation. One can feel the rough surfaces of the soaked leaves which surprisingly tear very smoothly. Tough on the outside, delicate on the inside.

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