Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Pot cleaning day

Mixiang (naturally honey scented) red tea
A little bit on teapot grooming - While I have mostly enjoyed many infusions of red tea from my big zhuni teapot, I rarely cleaned it on the outside. As a result, quite a bit of dirt has built up on the outside and despite my frequent use of this pot, it did not glow as radiantly as it should.

With a cotton cloth and a few light dabs of warm water, I gave this pot a thorough wipe on the outside. The process took a little longer than usual because of accumulated stains over two years. My advice to readers is to wipe your pot after every use. This way, your yixing pot will surely gain that extra sheen with age and polishing.

The moon and mountains are my travel companions - Mansheng
By cleaning our pots and teaware on a regular basis, we come closely into contact with the design, potter's mark, feel of the material and glaze. This way we develop a more intimate understanding of the pieces we own and become well-acquainted with how best to use them for our next gongfu brew!

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