Thursday, January 2, 2014

Resolutions on the tea side of things

Shan Lin Xi red water oolong
Conventional wisdom has it that what you spent time doing on New Year's Eve is pretty much what you will be doing for a good part of the coming year. I was of course brewing teas that I enjoy and mentally listing some areas where I could have done better when it comes to appreciating teas.

1. Reading - Over the last three years, my pile of tea readings went from zero to roughly 10 books, none of which I have completed. This year, it is about time to take them on!

2. Tea stash - Good teas are your best teachers. Looking back on 2013, I probably only brewed tea once every day. In 2014, I will endeavour to increase this frequency to a modest three times daily and consequently more blog entries of course.

3. Theory and practise - Combining the two requires feeding one's circle of learning with reading, tasting, experimenting and a stronger presence of mind. 

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