Thursday, December 26, 2013

Flowers after the rain - Xin Zhu, Oriental Beauty 2013

Sweet at first then a savoury aftertaste with scents of flowers after the rain. Something about this oriental beauty (OB) tells me that it is quite unlike the OB (reserved for tourists) that overwhelms the nose but underwhelms our taste buds. I very much enjoyed its dry subtle scent and the overall balance that I experienced in the 1st infusion.

The dry leaves have a very light, transient and almost mysterious waft that encourages me to want to find out more. The presentation of the leaves is your typical 5-coloured appearance in OBs.

Instead of the usual floral fragrance of an OB, this tea exudes a unique twist. Its' sweet, honey scents are less direct, but very pleasant and leave you wanting for more. The colour of the brew is closer to amber than red. More floral fragrances were released in the 2nd infusion alongside a nutty taste. The tea remains flowery yet mild and contains of a hint of pineapple in the 3rd infusion and we can see that this is a tea made from very young buds and leaves that contribute to its overall sweetness.

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