Thursday, May 2, 2013

Which flavours?

An interesting perspective I gathered when offering tea to tea virgins (perhaps to a lesser extent in Asia): Which flavour of tea is this? The answers that they would expect are usually strawberry oolong, peachy pu'er, apple green tea, ginger, ..... When you come across teas labelled this way, they are likely scented artificially and you will not be able to drink much of them as our senses quickly grow tired. Not unlike using a bottle of perfume that you thought you would have liked very much but soon develop dizzy spells after longer periods of wearing it.

Chinese teas are named after their origins, appearances of dried leaves or associated legends and stories. Long Jing, Silver needles, Huang Shan Maofeng, etc. From these teas, natural scents develop as a result of fermentation and a rich array of descriptors can be tagged to them. The aromas could be described as pleasantly flowery, fleshy fruity and are complex, not easily replicated with artificial additives. Your breath smells lightly perfumish when exhaling and you can feel genuinely at ease with the perpetuating aftertaste.

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  1. Hello! I'm in Taiwan right now having amazing teas! So happy!