Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Gongfu tea - an old man's trademark?

Drinking tea in Asia is often synonymous with an old man's drink, giving the overall impression that the tea drinking community is a greying one. This argument is rather heavy as tea just isn't only beverage that can be appreciated by the elderly alone. 

Before I became deeply acquainted with tea, I was slightly wary of this stigma when holding onto my hot mug of tea as I entered a meeting room each time. Times have changed and my wish is for tea to finally shed its dust-covered image for the better.

9 of 10 people I come across often cast this look of doubt as if mulling over the issue of age when introduced to what I do as a pasttime. Gradually, I have learnt to shrug off mixed reactions and recognise the immense joy that one can derive from tea pursuits.  

So if you must associate tea drinking with age, be sure to grow not just older but wiser with every sip ;).  


  1. Well said! I think in the US, we do not have the same association with tea as the pursuit of old men. Perhaps an association with pinkies up and all that, but not with age.

    Tea is a gift to us all!

  2. I noticed this contrast and people's sentiments towards the tea culture. Very interesting to note and most crucial to revive this in areas where slow tea is dying out.