Friday, October 7, 2011

Enjoying the finer things in life

Drinking tea certainly has its merits to health but enjoying tea is another story altogether. I have drunk tea for over ten years now and am glad to report a very sturdy immune system with rare bouts of cold. But when it comes to enjoying tea, it takes into consideration a few more factors than just gulping down hot liquid.

1. Your surroundings - Choose a quiet and peaceful spot. An uncluttered space brings about a freer mind. You are priming yourself here for a little quality me-time
2. Your teaware - Pick out some teacups and a pot for brewing tea. No hard and fast rules apply as long as the combination feels right and harmonises with you.
3. Love - Brew your tea with lots of love. Stay focussed on your infusion and savour this brew with a presence of mind leaving your worries far behind.

Blogeintrag auf Deutsch: Die schönen Dinge im Leben genießen

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