Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Grandpa's drink - Roasted TGY

Grey day, with very little sunlight to work with, so pardon the picture quality. Yet, the perfect time to warm up with some good roasted coffee-like tea!

From previous sessions, I remembered this tea to be powerful, complex and very pineapple-like that mellows with age. One can also register acidic notes on the insides of his cheeks. The red Bromelia plant - the pineapple's 'cousin' seems like a reasonable choice for this cha xi, made in honour of the man who first introduced me to the Fujian culture of tea drinking and the ubiquitous love for finely roasted Tie Guan Yin (TGY).

Certain foods and drinks stir my memories of people who entered my life and to whom I am grateful. As I type, I draw this parallel between the characteristics of Fujian TGY and people getting on years. How appropriate - ageing like fine teas!


  1. One of my absolute favorite teas! I drank TQY in Muzha this past May on a rainy day. We first watched the harvest come in, the rains held off until we were well into our brewing session. Lovely! A life-long memory there.

  2. Same torrential rain I experienced. The strong winds and rain kind of put me off from boarding the cable car. Until next time I guess!