Saturday, June 22, 2013

Day 6 in Korea

Balance between fruitiness and elegance
 I decided to take it easy and enjoy my Li Shan tea in the room. The baby melon and golden tangerine allude to a fruity and fine character of this tea that is followed by a long lasting finish with a slight buzz at the back of ones throat.

The flavours that a few grams of  this Li Shan tea can yield will surprise even the most experienced tea drinker

A rather hazy day in Seoul if you ask me, perfect moment to kick back, relax and sip tea on a Saturday afternoon.

Landscapes of old and modern
With time invested, we should take a few brief moments to study the open leaves and examine their scents, texture and colour. These are soft stemmed leaves by the way, high quality and an occasional eye mask that I use to fight stubborn eye bags that most commonly plague gen-Y.

The clue of quality lies in your spent leaves

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  1. Some of my best tea brewing experiences have come from hotel rooms with friends!