Tuesday, December 25, 2012

An Xmas tea party

Where I am, the Christmas mood is especially infectious. Unknowingly, through shopping and gifts exchange, I managed a modest candle collection which seemed very appropriate for short and dark days. I was slightly comforted with the passing of winter solstice and sensing that the days were growing a tad fuller with more energising sun rays.

With the festive mood kicking in, I rolled up my sleeves and got down to roasting some spice flavoured macadamia nuts and making some dark chocolate truffles which I intend to pair with a raw pu'er and red tea respectively.

As I went about heating my pot and tea cups, the swirls of hot vapour made the cha xi experience feel rather trance-like. My mood was especially lightened and my focus was drawn to the teapot and most attention was given to handling the tea leaves carefully then infusing it with hot water from the tetsubin.

By observing the capillary action at the spout, I know that the tea has infused well enough and is ready. The golden red colour of the infusion seems to shine through so prominently that the rest of the cha xi pales in comparison.

A bite of the truffle followed by a sip of this naturally fruity red tea, in the company of  Urbanus's jolly Christmas-themed song that paints a delightfully quirky nativity scene. Happy Holidays everyone!

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