Friday, February 1, 2013

Double-boiled mandarin orange red tea

I have adapted the original recipe from Teaparker's blog entry here.

You often find mandarin oranges to be an auspicious symbol used most often during the Chinese New Year but never have I tried them double boiled and I am curious to find out how this tasty fruit pairs with delicious sun moon lake red tea from Taiwan's Nantou county.

In the original recipe, 'ponkan' aka Chinese honey oranges are the ideal. Otherwise, any mandarin orange variety is acceptable.

You will need:

- a double boiler or any improvisation that allows for the same cooking process. In my case, I used a porcelain kyusu that can be inexpensively replaced if anything goes wrong.
- 3 g of sun moon lake red tea
- 120 ml of water for brewing tea
- 1 teaspoon of cane sugar (optional)
- 2 slices of mandarin orange
- a piece of mandarin orange peel roughly the size of a coin 3 cm in diameter

Self-made double boiler - porcelain kyusu in a pot
1) Infuse 3 gm of tea in a Gaiwan for 5 minutes
2) Place fruit slices, orange peel and sugar into the double boiler
3) Pour tea into double boiler and discard spent tea leaves
4) Double-boil on medium heat for 20 minutes

Serve piping hot cup of orange infused red tea in porcelain cups and experience the fruit-tea harmony yourself.


  1. Oh, this sounds fantastic!!! I must try this.

    1. I was happy that I tried this out. The cha qi of this tea in combination with the nutritional value of mandarin oranges gave me a brilliant glow on my skin ;)